Children’s Yoga Classes & Pop Ups

Weekly Inclusive Yoga Classes

Holiday Yoga Camps

  • Wednesday 29 May 10am-12pm Kids Yoga Camp at The Well House, Rawdon (age 4-10yrs)

Why Yoga for Children?

Children live in a busy world the same as adults. For young children, yoga is more than just a physical activity. A regular yoga practice can help children develop skills that will help them through adolescence and later in life. These may include:

Stress management – Yoga can help kids learn how to manage stress or anxiety, in addition to general emotional regulation. Developing this skill early can help kids as they experience stress at school, in social settings or at home.

Self esteem and body image – Because yoga is a practice, there isn’t pressure to be perfect. This allows kids to make mistakes and celebrate small improvements in their practice. This regular practice and improvement can boost self esteem and build a positive body image in young children.

Enhances concentration and memory – With increased screen time in young kids, developing the ability to focus and memorize requires practice. Yoga works on memorization skills and focus which can translate into better concentration, memory and academic performance.

Holistic wellness – Kids can be physically active in a variety of fun and engaging ways, either by free play, recreational sports or group classes. All of these activities are great for young kids. Yoga can be particularly beneficial because there is a holistic focus on balance, coordination, strength and flexibility.

Yoga can benefit children in so many other ways too ….

  • Feeling stronger, fitter & more relaxed
  • Building their strength & flexibility
  • Developing their confidence & self-esteem
  • Improving their balance & coordination
  • Sharpening their concentration
  • Sparking their creativity & imagination
  • Sleeping better

And of course it’s lots of fun!